Zortic's Art Gallery

This fantastic piece was done by Teague Tysseling who does the great comic The Adventures of Captain Mooki. He described it as "Just a little something I whiped together while the whitout was drying on comic I was working on."

How about some Zortic Wallpaper for your computer? I've already got it on mine. This rendition comes from Alexander Grant who has a brand new comic strip Oddity.

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Here's a great portrait of Splink by Daniel Willingham. Be sure to check out his comic Space Losers. It's a fantastic comedic, science fiction adventure!

Want to see an absolutely incredable rendition of Zoie? This was done by the incredibly talented Isabel Gonzalez, she does the comic Namir Deiter. I'm really honored at the opportunity to include her work here.

I literally laughed out loud the first time I saw this bit of art.
It was done by Kevin Brown who does the comic Captain Mike. Check it out!

And here's some more really cool fan art! This time it's by Ben Landis.
Ben does a very nice comic called Fish & Worm. Be sure to check it out.

Hey, look everyone!  It's my first piece of fan art. This was done by
Martin Lawson, be sure to check out his comic at Minor Reality.

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