Zortic is the ultimate hero of the story.  His fun loving attitude towards adventure comes from a life of watching too many television and movie signals projected from a small planet called Earth.  Fortunately his knowledge of television trivia finally works to his advantage when he enters a game show where he wins the grand prize (see: Entire Prize below)
Zoie is Zortic's girlfriend.  While tending to be a bit more agressive then her ship mates, their fun loving attitude toward danger can't help but rub off on her to some extent.
Splink came along with the ship.  He is a combination ship mechanic, mystic and native guide.  While his powers and skills often seem obscure and twisted, he's been an irreplaceable... I mean a... Alright, he's just plain weird!

The Entire Prize is a pleasure cruiser designed for deep space travel.  It comfortably sleeps three, but can transport up to 9 passengers.  It received it's name due to the fact that Zortic won it on a game show.

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